Chasing the Aurora!

One of the main reasons that you should visit Iceland during winter is to see the Aurora Borealis, or Northern light. The aurora happens when electrical charged particles from solar winds collide with the Earth’s atmosphere. When they do so, they loose energy causing light of varying color and complexity to appear in the sky. The stronger the solar wind, the stronger the aurora. This beautiful phenomenon can best be seen in the high northern regions, among which is Iceland. Of course, to see this you need clear skies. And this can be quite challenging in this part of the world.

Behind the photo: Kirkjufellsfoss

In the Behind the photo series, I want to go into more detail on why and how I took a particular photo. I will be talking about the way I made the composition, what camera settings I used and whether or not I used any filters. In this first post I want to talk about the photo I took of the Kirkjufellsfoss in Iceland. Even before setting off to Iceland, I already knew I wanted to take this image. I thought this place would be a fantastic opportunity to try my new filter, the Lee Big Stopper. 

Unexpected beauty

The last few days had been really dull, grey and rainy. No sunshine at all. I’d been checking weather forecast websites all the time, to see if there would be any change in this anti-photography type off weather. Not every site agreed on whether or not it would be good, but yesterday turned out to be really nice. This was also the day I left my good (and light) tripod in the car, which was taken by my girlfriend for the day. So without a car, and a good tripod, clouds were starting to stack up to something that could easily turn into a beautiful sunset. 

Photographing winterwonderland

For the last few weeks it was cold in the Netherlands, it was freezing, people were ice-skating and at some places there was snow. This all brought fantastic photo opportunities! The beauty of a frozen landscape is best appreciated when it is beautiful weather of course! But sometimes on those grey days, you can get stunning photos as well. When it is grey and the light is dull lots of colors get absorbed. It may look depressing, but with the right ingrediants, it can turn into something really nice.

Product Review Alu-Dibond Butlerfinish Saal Digital

After my book review, I got the opportunity to do a wall decoration review as well.

For this, I choose the Alu-Dibond Butlerfinish in 60×90 cm. Saal-Digital promises impressive color intensity with the highest resolution and maximum sharpness. Huge optical depth with the most beautiful color strength!

This made me curious to test this material.

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