Vlog: Snow-boobytraps and a broken Drone

My new vlog is out! Me and my friend Nathan had been talking about snow camping for quite some time now. Last year we didn’t make it because either the weather was bad or the lack of time. This time we simply planned a weekend, checked the weather and went for it. We picked the Harz as our destination. This is only four hours away from Groningen, making it perfect for a weekend trip (even for a day trip as you can see in this vlog).

With this vlog, I want to take you with us on our journey! I hope it will inspire you to go out end explore new places, and to go out on your own adventure. I could highly recommend camping in the snow! It is an amazing experience! And remember, take all your garbage back with you. Leave nothing but footprints.

The Brocken

The Brocken is a 1142 meter high mountain, but because it is the only high peak in the area, the weather can be pretty rough. The summit is often windy and this time was no exception. But the best thing about this place; snow! Lots of it! The Brocken is surrounded by forest, which makes it a fantastic place for hiking. We followed the path next to the railroad all the way up to the summit. Enjoyed the view, wandered around and found a beautiful spot for our tent just below the summit.

As the sun rose, we could feel its warmth, a welcoming experience after a cold night. Tamron SP 15-30 f/2.8 @ 15 mm | f/18 | 0,6 sec | ISO 100 with NiSi Medium GND4 & Landscape CPL.


During the day, temperatures rose above 10 degrees Celsius, but because there was so much snow, it didn’t really matter. During the night though, the temperature dropped to -5. Inside the tent it was 2,6 degrees but the down sleeping bag did its work perfectly!


  1. Saw Square Noise – Rito Occulto
  2. Zapa – The longest Night
  3. Lobo Loco – Living in my Memories
  4. Scott Buckley – Ascension
  5. Monplaisir – I am the Coyote
  6. Jake McKelvie – Coffee and Soda
  7. Alexander Nakarada – Lurking Sloth
  8. Wowa – Good God

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Sleeping under the stars in the snow is amazing! It was around -5 Celsius, but in my down sleeping bag it was nice and toasty. Tamron SP 15-30 f/2.8 @ 30 mm | f/4.5 | 13 sec | ISO 800.

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