Exhibition in the Martini Hospital

I have my first big exhibition in the Netherlands! Starting from the 15th of January 2019 (yesterday) until the 9th of April, you will find 14 of my works in the Martini Hospital in Groningen (the Netherlands). As part of the hospital’s Art route, my collection is exhibited in the ‘orange hallway’. A hallway used by all patients going to and coming from the policlinics, as well as all the staff members that have their offices in that part of the building.

Imagine this hallway without images on the wall, that would be quite boring right?!

The selected images

I’ve chosen to exhibit a series of photos taken in the province Groningen (with two exceptions, one image is taken in Friesland and one in Drenthe). The reason for this is that I like my exhibition to be recognisable. A lot of people are familiar with these locations and know them. Therefore it is nice to show these places from a different perspective and with amazing light, snow or other nice circumstances.

I’m really proud to be part of the ‘Art Route’ which has been setup for patients, staff members and visitors.

Hanging the images

While hanging the images, I already got a lot of enthusiastic responses from both patients as well as staff members. That was really motivating. One of the comments of a female staff member was that the colours and images made her feel happy. I think there is no bigger compliment than someone telling your work makes her happy.

Being a rather notorious exhibition location, I chose to exhibit my work in the orange hallway. The name for this hall is obvious, it is painted with large orange blocks. Your work has to be solid and contrasty to cope with these contrasts. But in my opinion, this works really well with my images and I was happy to get this wall assigned.

It is obvious why this is called ‘The Orange hallway’.

Good health, comes with wellbeing

In my opinion, good health, relaxation and recovery comes with the feeling of well being. The Martini Hospital wants to be a hospitable and friendly environment for patients, visitors and employees. An environment where people feel comfortable, contributes to well-being and recovery. Art is an important part of the hospital environment: art offers relaxation and distraction and can reduce stress.

Therefore the hospital has set up an art route that covers all art exhibitions and installations. For people that need to walk as part of their rehabilitation program, as well as people that are going through a hard time, and for family members that need a bit of distraction, this route helps to relax, inspires and hopefully turn a smile on the faces of people walking this route.

My exhibition runs from January until the 9th of April in the Orange Hallway route 0.9.

Art market

The Martini Hospital opens their new art year with a free art market on Thursday 24 January in the Martini Pavilion. Ten of the sixteen artists who will exhibit at the Martini Hospital next year will give a preview of their work. The art market is open to everyone between 10.00 and 15.00. I will be there to, so if you want to come and have a look, feel free to do so! And if you like, you can let me know and I will give you a tour at my exhibition 😀

All images are shot with my Canon 5D mk4 using Tamron lenses and NiSi glass filters. These filters allow me to do wonders with the dynamic range and help to make the colors come to life! Because the filters are made of superior optical glass no sharpness is lost. Without these filters I would not have been able to get the images the way I wanted. But now I have full control over the light, and the balance between the foreground an background. Finally after a bit or retouching (I like to keep the images as close to reality as possible), the images are printed on aluminium which gives an incredible look and contrast.

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