Another publication: Cover + Interview

I’am very happy and proud to inform you that the Dutch “DigiFoto Pro magazine” published an interview with me in their December issue. They’ve also used one of my images for the cover, which of course is a great honor! In the interview I am talking about my role as NiSi ambassador, as well as how I started photography, what it means to me, and what I love about it!

The cover image is shot by me on the last day I was on the Lofoten in March. While I was balancing on some rocks above the water, the sky was filled with dancing aurora.

Part one of the interview accompanied by one of my favorite images of 2018.

When I’m at the right place, and the light becomes beautiful, I know that I can create something beautiful.

In this last part, I talk about one of my goals in photography; namely to show people how beautiful our Earth is and thus why we need to protect her!

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