Publication: Molen magazine Center page and A3 poster

I’am delighted to inform you that the Dutch “Molen Magazine” published an image taken by me. Both as the centerpiece of the magazine, as well as an A3 glossy poster.

It is an image I shot on the 5th of December 2016 on a really cold morning. The night before had it been completely foggy and during the night it became -8 Celcius. This caused the fog droplets to become hyper cooled. As soon as these hyper cooled droplets hit a surface, the freeze instantly.

Both an A3 glossy poster, and a centerpiece in the magazine!

The magazine is printed on matte paper, which is my favorite paper to print on. It is really cool to see my image in the middle of the magazine.

The glossy A3 poster is shipped with the magazine as a thank you gift for all the readers.

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