Successful first lecture!

Last Saturday, I had to give a lecture at the NatureTalks festival in the Netherlands. I spoke about using filters in landscape photography. It was my first lecture (well, at least in photography). After seeing how many people were there to see and listen to me and how people responded, I can only conclude that it was a big succes! People were even taking notes!

Getting ready for the talk, while people wait patiently.

It started off with some technical issues, the laptop went missing and there was no cable for my Mac. I really needed the beamers in order to show the with/without filter images. But when that was solved, we could kick off. Luckily during that time, everybody waited patiently! Thanks to the technicians for solving this problem!

A little bit about myself!

I kicked off with a little bit about who I am! I think it is nice to give a bit of background information so people get to know you a bit! After that, we jumped straight into the filters! One of the main questions was: “Why should you use filters?” After answering this question, we discussed different types of filter systems and of course different filters and how they can be used to your advantage.

Talking about different types of filters.

It was a lot of fun to do and the response of the audience was amazing! Even after the lecture a lot of people passed by at the NiSi stand to come and say hi, ask questions, and see different filters.

A lot of people were visiting the NiSi stand after the lecture. I got to speak a lot of nice people which was a lot of fun!

Thanks a lot for reading
That’s it for this week’s article! I would like to thank the audience for coming! Furthermore, I would like to thank NatureTalks and Transcontinenta for the opportunity to do the lecture! And the technicians for solving the problems! And last but not least, I would like to thank Rob van Keulen for the behind the scenes photos. If you’ve seen the lecture and you would like a hand out please let me know. If you like my photography, please follow me on Instagram @harmenpiekema If you want to read ore about filters, check out this post.

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