NiSi Introduction Kit Benelux

I am stoked to announce the NiSi Benelux Introduction kit which I helped develop. Over the past couple of months, NiSi Benelux has been working on the development of these two kits: The Introduction kit and the Landscape kit. The Introduction kit holds my favorite and probably most often used NiSi Medium edge GND8 filter. The image on the package for the Introduction kit is taken by me and of course with the use of the filter that is inside!

This special NiSi set for the 100mm system is compiled with the help of our NiSi ambassadors, it is a fantastic introduction set for anyone who wants to capture beautiful sunsets and cloudy skies. It contains the most universally applicable NiSi Medium GND gradient filter for perfectly balancing a clear sky and a dark foreground.

[twenty20 img1=”2590″ img2=”2473″ offset=”0.5″ before=”No filter” after=”With Medium Edge GND8 filter”]

Like all other NiSi filters, this Medium GND filter is made of optical glass (Schott Glas), making it ideal for use with high resolution cameras and lenses. The filter has a very low reflection, even when shooting straight into the sun. Also, the filter has a special nano coating, making it hard for dirt and moisture to stick to your filter.

Thanks to the special coating, shooting into direct sunlight is no problem at all.

The set comes with the V5 Alpha filter holder and three additional mounting rings for various filter sizes. This black anodized aluminum filter holder for 100mm filters is equal in construction and solidity to the NiSi V5 Pro holder. The optional NiSi Landscape or Pro CPL filter therefore fits in the inner ring of the holder, which is easy to turn with two wheels. The CPL filter is attached to the holder via a “left-to-right” click system, which is very fast, simple and safe. The NiSi Benelux Introduction Set contains a very practical case in which the holder fits plus filters and the adapter rings.

Content NiSi Benelux Introduction Set for 100mm:

  • V5 Alpha filter holder including 82mm adapter
  • Adapter rings 67mm, 72mm and 77mm
  • NiSi 100x150mm Nano Multicoated Medium GND8 (3 stops) filter
  • NiSi filer pouch (square) with tripod mount
  • NiSi cleaning cloth with long shutter speed calculation table
  • NiSi Filter Guide book with useful tips for use.

The (recommended) retail price for the individual items is € 319.99. The NiSi Benelux Introduction Set has a price of € 249.99. That saves you € 70.00! It is absolutely worth your money! I honestly love this filter and I would highly recommend it to everybody!

For more information, visit NiSi Filters Benelux. And, if you like my photography, please follow me on Instagram @harmenpiekema

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