I Won the Hähnel Winter Competition

My ‘Warming up with the morning sun’ horse photo won the Hähnel Capture Winter Competition. This is what they wrote about the image:

We are very pleased to inform you that you have won the Hähnel Captur Winter competition with the amazing shot of the horse! Congratulations!  We all agreed that this was a super shot and it really captured winter with the frost and the amazing sun rise.

Harmen explained that this photograph was taken on a beautiful cold morning on Dec 5th. It had been a foggy night and when temperatures dropped, the fog became hyper-cold. When these sub-zero droplets hit the surface of an object, they instantly froze and this is what made the landscape white and frosty. Harmen was actually shooting an old mill at sunrise further down the path at the time. The sun had just come through and was turning the frost pink. He spotted the horse looking back towards the sun for warmth and took the shot. Carefully placing his tripod on the other side of the fence Harmen then captured this amazing shot.

If you look closely you can even see the frost on the horses back! 17 mm | F/9,0 | 1/500 Sec | ISO 100

The price consists of a lot of very cool Hähnel gear which will be of great use of course!! Thanks very much for that!

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  1. Joanne schreef:

    Great shot Harmen and congratulations – we were all extremely impressed!

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