Wadden Experience 24 & 25 March 2023

In this fourth edition of the Wadden Photo Experience, we will once again set sail with the formidable Willem Jacob, for a unique photography and sailing adventure! In this weekend, both the sunset and the sunrise coincide with low tide, this means we have two moments where the ship runs dry and therefore we will be able to set foot on the sea floor twice. It can’t get any better!


The Willem-Jacob is bathing in the light of the setting sun.

Setting Sail

After a short briefing from the skipper and Harmen, it’s time to get the hundred-year-old ship ready to sail to our destination. Anyone who likes, can help! I can assure you, this is a lot of fun! Once we are in full sail, you can relax on the deck. There are many beautiful things to see during the crossing! That is why it is possible to use binoculars or telephoto lenses, which have been provided by Foto Sipkes, Transcontinenta Benelux and Tamron Netherlands.

With the wind in our sails we “fly” across the Wadden Sea!


After we’ve been sailing for a while, we’ll arrive at the plate, which is still below the surface. Here we will anchor and fall dry overnight. The sun rises at 6.36 am, so we’ll get up early to catch the best light. As soon as the water allows us to, we will disembark and photograph the sunrise.

It might feel a bit uncomfortable to step into the water from the stairs, but as soon as you’re on the sandbar, a world opens up for you.

A magical experience

The landscape really comes to live at sunrise! This is a magical experience! You will see the world awaken from a perspective you have never seen before! Everyone can wander around as they please; The sandbar is immense and there is much to see and discover.

The light on the sandbar is often spectacular because of the beautiful reflections.

Sailing and more photography!

After breakfast, we hoist the sails once again for a big sailing trip and at 4:00 PM we will run dry again to photograph the sunset (6:47 PM). When the water is retreated, we disembark and step onto the sandbank for an unforgettable sunset. Here Harmen explains how to create beautiful compositions and how to find the right elements for the perfect photo. It is amazing to see how immense these sandbanks are. And if we’re lucky, we might see some seals. After the ship has dislodged, we sail back to the harbor where we expect to arrive at 21:30.

Schitterende reflecties tijdens de WaddenExperience met Harmen Piekema

Information & Booking
  • Price: € 480,-
  • Includes overnight stay on board.
    • Bed linen, breakfast, lunch and dinner included.
  • Including borrowing Tamron lenses, binoculars and NiSi filters.
  • Boarding: Lauwersoog harbour
    • Friday, March 19, 8 p.m.
    • Return Saturday 20 March 21.30 hrs.
  • Number of participants: 8
  • Requirements: SLR, Bridge or system camera, tripod.