Date: 26 feb – 4 march 2023 | € 2650,- | Lofoten, Arctic Norway | Maximum participants: 4 | All meals included

Lofoten Winter Photography Tour 2023.

Norway is awe-inspiring! With a landscape that is both breathtaking and diverse, it seems like a country made for photography. The icing on the cake is the beautiful Lofoten archipelago up in the north. This gem is considered to be the third most beautiful archipelago in the world by National Geographic. Lying within the Arctic Circle, Lofoten offers spectacular scenery; steep mountains, awe-inspiring fjords and crystal clear water. Lofoten is also known for its beautiful light. Thanks to the low angle of the sun, sunrises and sunsets are longer than we are used to. And when the nights get dark, there is a chance to see the magical aurora borealis (Northern Lights). Seeing the Northern Lights is something unforgettable and something you really have to experience!

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Be prepared to wake up early and go to bed late … this is not a week for sleeping 😀

Enjoy the moment

If you go on a tour with me, you will see that, next to taking great photos, the focus lies on being outside, enjoying nature and being in the moment. That’s why I like to work with a small group. We (4 participants and myself) will explore both iconic and lesser known places, take beautiful walks to epic viewpoints, as well as visiting some of the more popular places. We will visit these places when the light is at its best, mostly around sunrise or sunset. But also during the day with for instance snowstorms or epic clouds. If the weather and snow conditions allow us to, we’ll take some epic hikes to viewpoints that can only be reached on foot. Therefore, good health and fitness is mandatory.

Note: this is not a workshop. It is a photography tour, focused on visiting the most beautiful locations when the light is at its best.

The breathtaking Northern Lights above one of the many fjords.

Where we’ll stay

We’ll stay in a beautiful cottage on a remote fjord in Sund. This location offers many photographic opportunities and is perfect for observing and photographing the Northern Lights. From here it is not far to the many beautiful photo locations. The house really gives you the feeling of being in the middle of nature. The environment is rugged and breathtakingly beautiful. The house is really cozy. All in all a perfect place to stay for a brilliant week in the Arctic!

Verblijf Lofoten fotografie reis landschapsfotograaf Harmen Piekema

Our house for the week next to the beautiful Skjelfjord.

What to pack?

  • Film, dSLR or mirrorless camera.
  • Tripod
  • GND, ND & Polarising filters
  • Winter clothing, hat, gloves & waterproof shoes.
  • Indoor slippers (No shoes inside of the house).

A complete packing list will be provided after the booking is completed. This is the list of items to take with me when I travel to Lofoten for a week of photography and adventure.

The famous Olestind surrounded by green light.

What does a day on the tour look like?

Day 1: This is the day of arrival and the day the tour starts. Depending on your means of travel, you will be picked up in the afternoon from Moskenes (Ferry) or Leknes (airport) (your arrival must be before 16:00). After an hour we are at the guesthouse. Here we are allocated to our rooms by the lady of the house, after which we have a nice dinner. Meanwhile, I will keep a close watch on the sky and the Northern Lights apps. This means that if the predictions look good, we’ll hit the road for an aurora session!

Reine is bathed in pink light during sunrise. 

Day 2-6: Since this is the Arctic and we are highly dependent on the weather, it is difficult to say what we will do  on a day to day base. Typically, we will focus on the picturesque areas in and around Sund/Reine/Å in the morning,  and photograph on famous beaches in the afternoon. We will also visit several photogenic villages, or hike to one of the majestic peaks, if the weather and snow conditions allow us to. Thanks to the low angle of the sun during the winter, the daylight will not be too harsh which means we are able to visit multiple locations during the day. When the sky is clear and the predictions look good, we head to a location to see and photograph the magical aurora borealis!

Day 7: After a sunrise shoot and a good breakfast, it’s time to head to the airport or the ferry. Officially the tour ends at 12:00 in Leknes.

The picturesque harbor of Reine with the traditional fishermen’s houses.


  • Date: 26 Feb – 4 March 2023
  • Prijs: € 2650,-
  • Aanbetaling: € 750,-
  • Maximum participants: 4
  • Including:
    • All transport on location.
    • Full pension including breakfast, packed lunch, dinner and drinks (non-alcoholic).
    • Pick up / drop off from airport or boat.
  • Not included:
    • All transport and travel services needed to get to Lofoten.
    • All taxes, duties, insurance, immigration, excise, visa fees.
    • Personal items, including alcoholic drinks, souvenirs, and travel insurance.

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Check out my Norway page for more inspiring images.

Enjoy the view from one of the many walks that Lofoten has to offer!

Refund & Cancellation

If we do not receive the outstanding amount on or before the due date and we are unable to contact you using the contact details you provided, the booking will be canceled.

Norway has currently suspended all travel restrictions and is now free to travel. If new travel restrictions apply at the time of the tour, which would prevent the tour from going ahead, the deposit will be refunded.

If the tour is canceled by us for any reason, the deposit will be refunded. We are not responsible for any financial obligations participants have with third parties, such as airlines or other travel services. We recommend not to book flights or accommodation (outside the tour days) until registration is confirmed and we have received the deposit.

The Lofoten is known for its dramatic landscape.

Travel insurance

Every precaution has been taken to minimize the risks and make the tour as safe as possible. However, it is impossible to completely eliminate the risks. That is why good travel insurance is mandatory. Unfortunately, you cannot participate in the tour without travel insurance. In addition, it is possible that due to bad weather the ferry and / or the plane will not leave and you miss a day of the tour. We cannot be held responsible for this.