This workshop will teach you everything you need to know to make a good start in landscape photography. You will learn about the ins and outs of your camera, about the different functions and menu’s. We will talk about the basics of exposure, aperture, and ISO. Furthermore, we’ll discuss how and why to work in manual modes. Finally we’ll discuss different ways to make a good composition. This workshop comes with an Ebook about the basics of landscape photography and, a nice cheat sheet which you can use in the field, to choose the right exposure and aperture setting.  

The basic photography workshop will be given in the Gasterse Duinen. This area offers a diverse landscape with heather, forest and dunes. Ideal for an exciting start in photography!

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We start with theory and a cup of coffee or thee, and before we head into the field we will have dinner because you can’t be creative on an empty stomach. 

  • Price: € 99,- 
  • Duration: 5 hours (start: around three hours before sunset).
  • Including Ebook: The Basics of Landscape Photography.
  • Including Cheat Sheet.
  • Coffee/Thee and Dinner.
  • Minimum participants: 4
  • Maximum participants: 6
  • Requirements: dSLR or system camera
  • Dates:
    • New dates soon
  • Location: Gasterse duinen (the Netherlands)