Harmen Piekema (1982) was born in Koudum, a small Frisian village surrounded by fields, lakes and forests. Here, his love for nature was sparked. His father taught him the tricks of (then still analog) photography. Despite his love for nature, Harmen initially started as a studio and fashion photographer. But a few years ago he followed his heart and the raw beauty of nature won over “polished” studio models.

Harmen is inspired by the beauty of our planet. With his photos he wants to show how important it is to cherish this splendor and above all to protect it …


Harmen is official ambassador for NiSi Filters Benelux, Tamron Netherlands and F-stop. He is also a member of Nature First; The Alliance for Responsible Nature Photography.


Print Magazines:
Author online:
  • I love the Seaside, Surf & Travel guide for North-West Europe.
  • New Edition: I love the Seaside, Surf & Travel guide for North-West Europe.
  • Zoom Course book: Licht & Belichting.
  • Advanced Course book 2019: Compositions (Drone panoramic image).
  • Advanced Course book 2019: RAW Photography (Norway).
  • NiSi Fine Art Photography Book (II)
Video Appearance:
  • DIGIFOTOpro Podcast 2, February 16th 2018.
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