Thirteen-part photo series in outpatient rooms of the UMCG

Since September the 1st, 2020, I’ve got thirteen of my photos hanging in the outpatient rooms of the radiotherapy department of the UMCG. These photos will be there for a year. I am very proud of this of course, especially because there is already a mega large print by me at the entrance of this department, but I also think it is a great initiative by the hospital to hang art in such spaces.

The conversations that take place in these rooms are not always easy. My hope is that through my images the patient will experience a certain degree of relaxation, distraction and stress reduction. For that reason, I have chosen for a very colorful series. The rooms themselves are quite sterile so this makes the photos stand out even more!

Expositie door Groninger landschapsfotograaf Harmen Piekema
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