Awesome Ultra Large print in Hospital

I am really proud to inform you that one of my images has been sold as an ultra large print! To have your images printed is alway something special, but when it is printed in 3,80 x 4,78 meters it just blows your mind. To show you the size of this mural, I’ve made a timelapse video!

Good health, comes with wellbeing

I’ve written this before but in my opinion, good health, relaxation and recovery comes with the feeling of well being. An environment where people feel comfortable, contributes to well-being and recovery. Art is an important part of the hospitals environment: art offers relaxation and distraction and can reduce stress. You can find this piece next to the entrance of the Radiotherapy department

My 2020 Landscape photography Calendar

Next to this awesome print, I’ve just released my own 2020 Landscape Photography Calendar, If you like my photography and want to support me, you can pre-order your copy now until the 31st of October 2019.

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  1. […] Ik ben hier erg trots op natuurlijk, zeker omdat er bij de ingang van deze afdeling ook al een mega grote print van mij hangt, maar daarnaast vind ik het een geweldig initiatief van het ziekenhuis om kunst in […]

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