Exhibition Harmen Piekema & Martijn Kort

From May 13 to July 1, Harmen Piekema and Martijn Kort will present their most beautiful photos in the van Beresteyn theater in Veendam. Dream away with beautiful landscapes and modern architecture. Take a look through the eyes of both photographers at the world around us.

Harmen Piekema (37, Groningen) is a landscape photographer “pur sang” who literally does everything to get the perfect shot. From hours of hiking over rough terrain through wind, snow and / or rain, to shuffling on ice floes and smooth rocks along the coast. Harmen is an ambassador for Nisi Filters Benelux and Tamron Nederland. Get to know the beautiful landscapes that Harmen has captured during his travels.

To take this photo, Harmen stood up to his ankles in the cold sea water with  gale force winds and a big rain shower over his head.

Martijn Kort (36, Veendam) is fine art and architecture photographer. His fine art images are characterised by the use of long exposures and clean compositions. As a result, he is able to create an atmosphere based on his inner vision. In his architecture photography, Martijn uses this technique to record the passing of time. This way, he is able to capture a feeling instead of just a moment in time. As a result, the photos appear true to nature, but are in fact a representation of a longer period. Martijn is ambassador for Zeiss Netherlands and Nisi Filters.

Martijn’s photos are characterised by clean lines, organic forms and slow shutter speeds. A feast for the eye!

The exhibition can be visited daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Van Beresteyn
Museumplein 5a, Veendam
Free entry

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