As the sky explodes!

I just returned from the Lofoten in Norway, where I lead a very successful photo tour. We had amazing conditions to work with. From the mountaintops all the way to sea level there was snow. It was sunny most of the time. Almost every night we saw the aurora borealis. And to add some drama, we even had a blizzard. In the upcoming weeks I will post a few short stories about this tour and the experiences we had. Starting with the most memorable evening of the tour.

It was Friday, the third day, and it started like every other day of the tour, with getting up around 5 am to photograph the sunrise. Unfortunately, due to the lack of clouds, the sky was rather boring. After breakfast it was time to visit a few other locations. A lot of photography, searching for compositions, lunch on location and visiting many spectacular areas filled our day.

After dinner I checked the SoHo data for the (realtime) prediction of the northern lights. This evening showed a really good prediction and even before it got really dark, I could see a faint green band in the sky from my bedroom window. We quickly dressed in warm clothes, jumped into the car and drove to our location an old abandoned house next to the Reinefjord. It is totally dark and there are numerous options to make beautiful compositions, so this was a perfect spot for aurora photography.

We watch in awe as the sky around us explodes with color. 24 mm | F/2.8 | 4 sec | ISO 2500

The sky around us explodes with color! We see green, purple, pink. The light is dancing through the sky! There is so much to see and photograph that at times it is hard to concentrate! Now and then we just watch in awe at what unfolds in the sky above! It is incredibly beautiful and we feel blessed that we are allowed to witness this spectacle! Eventually, after a few hours the aurora dies off and it is time to sleep, it is now around 1.15 and at 5 am the next day will start…Lofoten is not the place to visit if you want to sleep!

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